Courses Offered

Diploma in Chinese Language and Culture

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Certificate in Chinese Language and Culture

First Semester

  •     Chinese society in Modern world
  •     Chinese language and Grammar
  •     Chinese Reading Systems
  •     Chinese tones
  •     Chinese Writing Systems
  •     Chinese Characters Systems

Second Semester

  •     Business Chinese
  •     Situational Chinese and Listening Skills
  •     Chinese Grammar
  •     Chinese Expressions
  •     Reading Chinese Texts
  •     Conversational and Listening Skills

Beginners in Chinese Language and Culture.

First Semester

  •     Introduction to Chinese Society (in the Modern World)
  •     Mandarin Chinese
  •     Basic Chinese Reading

Second semester

  •     Situational Chinese
  •     Basic Chinese Orthography
  •     Basic Conversational and Listening skills

Proficiency in Chinese Language and Culture

First semester

  •     Modern Chinese Culture
  •     Listening and Speaking Chinese
  •     Chinese for Specific Purposes

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