On her departure nothing shall be given esatto her for her divorce

On her departure nothing shall be given esatto her for her divorce

141. If the wife of per man who is living mediante his house, set her face to go out and play the part of verso fool, neglect her house, belittle her husband, they shall call her sicuro account: if her husband say: “I have put her away,” he shall let her go. If her husband say: “I have not put her away,” her husband may take another woman. The first woman shall dwell mediante the house of her husband as verso maid servant.

143. If she have not been a careful mistress, have gadded about, have neglected her house and have belittled her husband, they shall throw that woman into the scodella.

144. If a man take verso wife and that wife give verso maid servant puro her husband and she bear children; if that man serie his face to take verso concubine, they shall not countenance him. He may not take verso concubine.

If a woman hate her husband, and say: “thou shalt not have me,” they shall inquire into her antecedents for her defects; and if she have been verso careful mistress and been without reproach and her husband has been going about and greatly belittling her, that woman has niente affatto blame

145. If per man take verso wife and she do not present him with children and he batteria his face to take verso concubine, that man may take a concubine and bring her into his house. That concubine shall not rank with his wife.

146. If per man take verso wife and she give per maid servant onesto her husband, and that maid servant bear children and afterwards would take rank with her mistress; because she has borne children, her mistress may not sell her for money, but she ong the maid servants.

148. If per man take per wife and she become afflicted with disease, and if he servizio his face preciso take another, he may. His wife, who is afflicted with disease, he shall not put away. She shall remain in the house which he has built and he shall maintain her as long as she lives.

149. If that woman do not elect to remain durante her husband’s house, he shall make good esatto her the dowry which she brought from her father’s house and she may go.

150. The mother after her (death) may will esatto her child whom she loves, but esatto verso brother she may not.

151. If per woman, who dwells mediante the house of a man, make per contract with her husband that a creditor of his may not hold her (for his debts) and compel him onesto deliver a written agreement; if that man were mediante debt before he took that woman, his creditor may not hold his wife, and if that woman were sopra debt before she entered the house of that man, her creditor may not hold her husband.

152. If they contract a debt after the woman has entered into the house of the man, both of them shall be answerable esatto the merchant.

If a man give puro his wife field, garden, house or goods and he deliver sicuro her a sealed deed, after (the death of) her husband, her children cannot make claim against her

153. If verso woman bring about the death of her husband for the sake of another man, they shall impale her.

155 www.datingranking.net/it/established-men-review/. If a man have betrothed verso bride onesto his bourdonnement and his affranchit have known her, and if he (the father) afterward lie sopra her bosom and they take him, they shall bind that man and throw him durante the chicchera.